Stephan Eicher recorded these tracks when he was a student in Switzerland on a dictaphone with stolen material from a bar in Bern where he worked. This Record includes all 7 songs from the rare Tape from 1980. Only 25 copies where made at the time. On the vinyl 7" from Off Course from 1980 where only 5 songs. It's Re-Mastered by Stephan Eicher himself. Nice insert both in french and english. OPut of print already, last copie! Available both CD/ LP

Titel: Stephan Eicher Spielt Noise Boys
Label: Born Bad
Stil: Swisspostpunk
Best-Nr.: 8496
Typ: CD
Preis: 16.- EUR

Stephan Eicher  - Stephan Eicher Spielt Noise Boys

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Disco Mania
Mini Mini Mini Minijupe
Noise Boys Song
Hungriges Afrika

Side 2:
One Second Too Late
Sweet Jane
Ping Pong Lied

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